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Transcript Download Instructions

VCU Health CME now offers on demand transcript downloads. Note only activities for which credit was designated by VCU Health CME are recorded in this system.


  1. Access the CME Transcript login page
  2. Enter the email address used to register for an activity
  3. Enter the password set up when you registered, or follow the “forgot password” prompts to reset.
    • If you have never registered or signed into the CME system, select “I am a new user” to set up a password later.
    • Password reset or new password instructions are sent from sender name “Auto Password,” from email address “AutoPassword@cmetracker.com.” Check the spam/junk folder if the message is not in your inbox.
  4. Enter the dates you want the transcript to reflect.
    • In order for attendance at case conferences, Grand Rounds, journal clubs and tumor boards to load into transcript, you need to use the begin date 01/01/YYYY.
  5. Click “Sign In” and the transcript will generate in a PDF file. Be sure popups are enabled in your browser.

Download instructions.


VCU Health CME merged two databases and have reduced duplicate records, however there may be instances in which two email addresses for the same person exist, causing your record to appear to be incomplete. This is most common for those who hold dual appointments at VCU Health and McGuire VAMC.

If you find a discrepancy on your transcript, please contact us. Our staff are available to determine if a duplicate record exists, and to merge these to produce a complete transcript.

cmeinfo@vcuhealth.org or 804-828-3640

Download Transcript
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